Ayia Napa is a popular destination mainly among young people, a place that is crazy to the blood, with its luxurious nightlife and famous entertainment opportunities, it has won the title of Cyprus party city. However, if we take a closer look at the place, in addition to its extremity, it also reveals its contrasting, controversial, ambivalent self, where it blends amazing photography venues with a mix of modern and historic architectural styles, which this photographer's tour also represents.

A place where eccentricity counts as cool! 

If you're tired of traditional and casual photos and crave a series of photos that perfectly reflect your individuality and uniqueness to the world, then this walk is for you! I'll catch your lens in amazing locations, we'll walk you through the coolest places where you can finally show yourself and then proudly show everyone the pictures of your life's unforgettable vacation!

What places do we visit?

> Archiepieskopou Makariou Main Street 

You'll immediately jump into the middle of a sleek photo shoot, complete with lots and lots of fun and enjoyable moments! We walk along the city's main street, surrounded by uniquely styled bars and restaurants in the background, which is just eye-catching and where the night lights are amazing and the palm trees and extravagant monuments that promote restaurants add a western feel to the images. This place is truly a harmonious blend of nature and urbanism!

> Ayia Napa Monastery

Like most Cypriot cities, one of the hallmarks of Ayia Napa is that it blends modern and historical style. A historic cemetery next to the night bar is a completely normal sight! Walking along the main street, we can run into a number of similar examples, such as this monastery right in the middle of the party street, which gives a perfect contrast to the images in this controversial environment!

> Luna Park

From here, the amusement park, huge wheel or carousel allow you to find the perfect composition and take Instagram-style photos.

> Ayia Napa Square - Mermaid statue

We visit the space surrounded by tavernas, a beautiful fountain, a mermaid statue, a Cypriot Orthodox church and a plant tunnel. This is one of the most impressive places to take dazzling photos!

> Ayia Napa Harbour&Promenade

Finally, we go to the port of Ayia Napa, which leads to the seaside promenade and gives a magical atmosphere to the photographs, especially before sunset.

Prices and discounts:

The full photographer package is now only 100 € / person, which includes 1.5 hours of availability and photography, 20 image editing-retouching + 2 pcs 10x15cm printed photo as GIFT!

10% discount for 2 people: 90/person
15% discount for up to 4 people: 85/person
Participation is free for children aged 0-5!