Everything you need to know about 

Elopement Wedding & Photography

Do you feel that this whole traditional wedding thing just does not fit you?

You're at the right place!

I'm gonna reveal all the frequently asked questions people want to know about elopement wedding and photography. If you're one of those couples who doesn't know what an elopement exactly means and how to start planning with it, let me give you some helpful information.

First: Your love of both of you is more than Welcome, no matter what it looks like.

Every couple has its own love story, so why not make it unique that day?

Elopement weddings are usually the best choice for couples looking for someting unique and unforgettable.

If you've landed on that page it's likely:

  • You prefer intimate gatherings, genuine relationships and you don't love being the center of attention
  • You want your wedding day to be focused on the two of you, doing something you both love

Let's bring the focus on what matters! It is your day, your money, your celebration, the decision is only yours!

Why Elopement is the best choice?

  • Elopements are perfect for deciding what you want on your wedding day and putting your needs first.
  • Elopements are the perfect reflection of your personality, a personalized day that represents both of you.
  • Elopements are the most innovative way of having a 21st century wedding could it be any style from boho until intimate, there is no limit to your choice.
  • Elopement gives you the permission to forget about the standards, step out of your traditional way of thinking.
  • Elopements are intimate, stress-free, easy-going, adventurous and give a sense of freedom and new experience for a lifetime!

What about photographing an elopement wedding?

Here is where I'm coming to the picture!

As probably you never had elopement before, I am here to guide you through the logistic, timeline, locations and packages on demand! Let me answer few of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to get you closer to this type of photography:

  • Will you be able to help us find the right elopement location? 

If you already know the venue of the ceremony in advance, all you have to do is to choose the venue for the couple photo session. Depending on where the ceremony is, I will recommend venues near and far to you, focusing primarily on which venue I think would be best for you! Luckily in Ayia Napa it is not hard to find a wonderful place, but I'll try to show you the most unique and amazing places. I am always on my way to discover new places be it hidden or popular, the choice of wedding venues is limitless!

  • We've never been photographed before and feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. Are you able to make us feel our best? 

That's what's in my line! With hundreds of photographs behind me and with many years of experience so I know the poses that are most beneficial and the moments that are a must-have! Of course, I will do my best to put you in the good mood as I always prefer to capture the natural look and spontaneous moments! My approach is one of my best qualities, it is easy to get along with me, I am adaptable and I give 110% to get the most out of everything! 

  • Our elopement wedding is not in Ayia Napa, can you relocate and travel to other cities?

Yes. Depending on the place you will be charged with extra travel cost.

  • I think you're the photographer for us, but I'm not 100% sure just yet. What do we do next?

First thank you for reaching me out! I absolutely understand you want to choose the best photographer for this special day and maybe you're still confused! If you are not sure about me, definitely schedule a free consultation with me about your expectation and ideas! If you still don't feel the chemistry between us (which I doubt) I will let you free to look for another wedding photographer who may be better able to achieve what you're looking for. 

  • How do we book you for our small wedding or elopement? What are our next steps?

In order to officially book me, I require a signed contract and after a non-refundable payment of your package price due 14 days that allows me to reserve your date on the calendar, Once the package price is paid and contract is signed, you are officially on my calendar!

If I have dispelled your doubts it's a good sign to connect more! Feel free to download the Elopement Photography Brochure:

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