Are you a comfort player? A real laid-back tourist who is pleased with the services provided by the hotel, who doesn't like to organize programs outside the hotel walls and explore the area, or at least away from the crowds, but also wants to somehow let his friends know how cool the summer is?

If you don't want to go far from your accommodation, but at least want to explore the area around the hotel and enrich yourself with wonderful images during your Cypriot vacation that perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the place and that you can proudly show everyone, this is the opportunity for you! Impressive photos one step away!

You wouldn't believe how many opportunities lie in the place where you spend your everyday life! Be it a series of romantic sunset photos, a few pictures around the pool, a plant garden meant to be average, a bench overlooking a shabby sea or just an old flight of stairs ... there is no hidden corner from which a professional photographer couldn't make the most of it!

Get the most out of your vacation together and the astonishing end result will not be missed! The Wow effect is guaranteed!

The special feature of the service is that BK Photography is currently the only company that, in cooperation with 3-4-5 star hotels in Cyprus, also offers hotel guests the opportunity to capture their vacation with a professional photographer.

What does the offer include? 

- Within the framework of a Creative Photography, you can discover the amazing environment of your accommodation, in which you are at the center!

- The duration of the photo shoot is usually 30-45 minutes, so that you can continue the well-deserved rest as soon as possible!

- The images in the series will be edited and uploaded within 24 hours so you can see them as soon as possible!

- You can view the pictures of the series in a renewed digital online system, which can only be accessed by you!

- You decide which picture you choose and you only have to pay online for the pictures you choose AFTER the photo session!

- No obligation! This feature is an option. If you don't like the pictures in the series, you don't have to pay for them and buy them! This way, you won't be charged any amount, but you won't get the pictures neither. :(

- Prices can vary depending on the quantity of selected images 4.5 € -10 € / image, so the more images you choose, the less you have to pay! (Detailed information about the price list will be in the online system.)

- After the selected pictures, you can receive not only gift products depending on the various discount packages, but also FREE 10x15cm printed version of the photo, which we will hand over in person or by post!

High quality pictures from a professional photographer! Fast, easy, great!