I have already explained in the previous blog what to start with if you want to choose the most suitable wedding photographer. Now I'll give you some guide for the wedding planner as well, as I'm also in touch with a few.

Let's see what criteria to start with:

#1 Popularity

A good starting point can be to choose a wedding planner who is very popular between the people and has a good reputation. This is not the last aspect when looking for a photographer either, as anyone who is popular, presumably experienced enough, has the right background knowledge.

Of course, quantity can also be at the expense of quality if the wedding planner slips away from the many clients and can't really devote quality time or provide the right service to anyone. It will smell a little mass production.

That's why most professionals - even truly professional photographers - set a limit on how many weddings they can undertake each year, so they won't miss out on a lot of work and can provide 100% for clients and meet any individual request.

You just need a wedding planner like this!

Note: such wedding organizers sell out very quickly, so you have to book with them years in advance!

Google search results, but especially Facebook wedding groups, are teeming with wedding planner recommendations, so it's easy to compil a list of names. Let's not forget, however, that each wedding planner already has their own list of photographers who is working with, unless the client sticks to their favorite photographer, so it's worth taking that into account.

#2 First impression

When it comes to organizing a wedding, it is really worth relying on first impressions and intuitions here. If there is no consistency, if the needs do not meet, it is unlikely that everything will go smoothly.

It is advisable not only to communicate online or by phone - here we can observe the responsiveness, interest - but also to have a personal meeting, and if there is a possibility for a free consultation, it can be a positive sign that they are open and fully committed to realizing our ideas.

What to look for during acquaintance?

  • assertive communication
  • availability, reliability, responsibility
  • positive feedback / good impression
  • similar characters, self-identity, authenticity
  • openness, compromise, adaptability

If you have these, you have found the right person who can make a dream come true!

#3 Finances

Money talks, but what's worth it if you don't get what you want? The more money you invest in it, the more choices you can choose from.

For hotel weddings - which are usually recommended for a larger group of guests - you can choose from the wedding packages offered by the hotel, all of which include all hotel services (menu, wellness & spa, other hotel discounts such as food or drink coupons, free champagne on arrival, decorations, accessories, wedding bouquet, entertainment, cake, etc.) There should be no big surprises here, but you can feel a bit like you are in the middle of a large-scale wedding production.

An independent wedding organizer can also offer hotel venues for weddings if you wish, but they usually offer civil / municipal beach venues that are just as beautiful if decorated and designed for weddings, as well as more intimate, ideal for smaller weddings and even qualitatively worth investing in, as there is no large - scale production here, the focus is only on the given wedding and couple.

The point is, whoever is planning their wedding has to reckon that there will be no cheap fun.

Experience: Here in Cyprus, a beach wedding (ceremony, photography, meals, close family) can be brought out almost cheaper than in other countries, no wonder more and more people are choosing a foreign dream wedding in a wonderful exotic country.

As a recommendation, I would like to highlight a Hungarian wedding planning couple, primarily in Ayia Napa and the surrounding area, with whom I also work here in Cyprus, because we are both providing an unforgettable experience and memory at an affordable price, so if you want to make your dream wedding come true with us get in touch with us with confidence:

#+1 Dare to ask

Last but not least, to be sure you really need the chosen wedding planner, you need to ask certain questions that will provide a clear answer and help dispel the uncertainty. It is worth referring to these aspects:

  • more personal questions: experience (since when does she do it, how many weddings, has she organized a wedding in the place of your choice), preparedness, purposefulness, organizational skills
  • work-related issues: working in a team or alone, job description, ideas, priorities, deadlines, exact course of the wedding, selection of partners' offers, what is included in the wedding packages
  • stressful situations, problem solving skills: safety regulations for guests, Covid-19, emergency, backup plan
  • spontaneity, improvisation: for example, in case of bad weather
  • financial issues: contract, insurance, payment options, deposit, rescheduling or cancellation policy

If you try to collect a question or two for each topic, you will definitely not be left out and you will be well informed and prepared before the big day!

Whichever wedding organizer you choose, choose the photography services offered by my website! If you want me to capture your wedding, check out what photographer packages I offer, check out the website, photo gallery, reviews, and if I convinced you, contact me with confidence! :)

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