Have you heard of this term?
Elopement weddings are very popular with those looking to get married. Why more and more people are choosing this type of wedding and why you should choose this one too, I will give you 3 arguments to make you feel like it.

#1 Low budget

The biggest advantage of an elopement wedding is clearly the financial ones. Because elopement weddings are small weddings, we can do them on a smaller budget. Less money is spent on organizing, decorating, food and all the other details, so we can organize it much more economically than a large-scale celebration organized in detail.

#2 No big gathering

If we don't want to invite the whole family to the wedding and be the center of attention, if we want to focus primarily on ourselves, love, and intimate moments and share this private, secret, intimate experience only with each other, it's simply the perfect ceremony form for us. Away from the noise of the world, only we and our couple exist, as no one has to comply. Not to mention that if we are planning a wedding abroad, or rather we are eloping abroad, it is almost impossible to invite the entire wedding crowd. In an intimate setting, we can only say the blissful Yes by concentrating on each other in a personal ceremony.

Note 1: It is worth visiting a professional photographer who captures the ceremony so that relatives and family members can see the intimate moments they could not be there. It can also be a kind of compensation for those who were unable to attend the wedding.

Note 2: Before we cut ourselves into an elopement wedding, be sure to tell the affected family members, loved ones, why we choose this form of ceremony so that they don't feel excluded and reassure them that it's not about not wanting them to be there.

#3 No pre-written scenario

This type of wedding is a completely different wedding. And since we only get married once in a lifetime generally, why not be exactly what we dreamed of? While a larger wedding needs to be planned in detail in advance so that everything goes according to plan, the essence of an elopement wedding is based on random, spontaneous organization. Of course, the basic concept is here as well, as for the ceremony, the wedding dress, the ring, the bouquet, but what is before or after the program is entirely up to the couple, up to us. The point is that we don't have enough stress to suit everyone's tastes and moods, as far as food, music and atmosphere are concerned, we spend the rest of the day with whatever we want. A smaller party with the guests, a more adventurous program, there is no set protocol for spending time together.

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