If you've always dreamed of having a wonderful sandy palm tree beach wedding in a Mediterranean environment surrounded by exotic flora, this article is for you now!
I will say 5 arguments that will surely convince you that Cyprus is the venue of your dream wedding!

#1 Island of Aphrodite

Cyprus is known to be the island of Love, the birthplace of the Greek mythological goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite (which, according to the myth is Paphos quite accurately). Anyone who visits this island will be amazed by the beauty of the place, the wonderful blue flag beachfront environment, the turquoise crystal clear water, the flora full of tropical leanders, it simply feels gorgeous here, as everything is there for a fabulous Mediterranean wedding.

#2 Dazzling sunset

It sounds cliché, but Cyprus is one of the places on earth where the sunset is truly unforgettable, no wonder everyone here lives and dies for sunset photos. One of the highlights of wedding photography is when you take photos of the couple at sunset in a beautiful spot. Sunset photos are what the value of a wedding and are the reason why most people want to get married in Cyprus, true story.

Note: Although the sunset lasts the longest  on one side of the island in Paphos, on the other side of the island in Ayia Napa we can capture it in more amazing environments and locations.

#3 Eternal summer

If you are in Cyprus, good weather is guaranteed throughout the summer season. Here, however, the rainy season is not common at all, only towards the end of the year, from October-November, the time begins to change, so there is no need to worry that the wedding will be negatively affected by the weather. However, it is worth getting married in early summer or late summer if you do not want to die at 40+ degrees, but in a Mediterranean country you have to reckon with the high heat. That should be the biggest concern on the big day! :)

#4 Endless variety of wedding venues

Cyprus is teeming with more beautiful places, so you can almost literally choose the wedding venue you like almost anywhere. Due to its natural endowments, the archipelago has become more and more popular in wedding planning, so there is enough choice for us to organize it. Whatever extreme, abstract, popy, intimate, unique wedding we have in mind, everything is possible here! From wedding venue there are plenty of options for everyone who gives their head to a wedding be it a hotel or a municipal venue, a villa, or a restaurant. We can organize any type of wedding and we will find suitable people who are professional and experienced.

Note: As much of Cyprus lives off from tourism - three times more Cypriots visit the island every year - hotels pay close attention to the comfort and expand the needs of holiday makers, whether they are for a wedding or a honeymoon, which is suitable also for wedding planners and photographers to take advantage of it and start their own business here.

#5 Wedding and Honeymoon 2in1

I could list a hundred other reasons why it is worth getting married in Cyprus, but the most compelling arguments are clearly listed. So I would close the post with one more reason, and that is to connect the pleasant with the useful!

It is a very cool thing to vacation in Cyprus and getting married at the same time, but to spend your honeymoon here as well? What does a Cypriot wedding sound like in conjunction with a honeymoon on the island of love?

Why not, since everything is enough to make sure that once we visit Cyprus, we take advantage of this opportunity and get to know the island better, where we got married together with the love of our lives. So after a wedding you have time to explore the wonderful places of the island, visiting other cities, organizing excursions, various sightseeing, swimming, enjoying the services of four-star hotels and the benefits of newlyweds, everything can only be limited by the imagination! And Cyprus may be a small island, but there is plenty to explore!

In closure watch this video to gain more information where to start:

If I managed to convince you, read the other articles on wedding planning and photography and get inspired or contact me with any question! :)

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