Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure in all areas of life, especially when it comes to the female body. The emphasis on sexuality, femininity, today's beauty icons and the resulting media content can lead to a huge body image disorder, a compulsion to conform, if we don't live consciously enough.

Now I'm going to say 5 reasons why it's worth taking a self-confidence photo shoot at least once and not missing out on the boot list, be it boudoir, glamor or other type of  photography.

#1 The negative self-image is over

Sometimes it's kind of hard to face who we really are, but for someone who has self-awareness problems and a desire to put their self-esteem in order, it can be a very good start.

Looking back at the pictures and seeing the confidence and femininity helps to erase the negative self-image and accumulated prejudices that we have hitherto assumed. We can be our best friends again! If we have not been satisfied with our appearance so far, we can now end the stigma and judgement of ourselves. It is time to accept and love ourselves, because we have to live a whole life with ourselves!

Note: It also depends a lot on the photographer what kind of images are taken. If he helps break the ice, the released female energies will be reflected back in the images.

#2 Connecting to ourselves

Discovering our body, observing our reaction in an unusual situation, stepping out of the comfort zone brings us closer to knowing ourselves.

Recognizing that we can reconnect physically and spiritually helps us recognize the uniqueness within us. It takes you back to the realization that no matter what we are, there is no other one the same! We are unique, one-time miracles, you just have to notice!

#3 Confidence

The regained positive self-image and positive feedback about ourselves triggers productive processes in other areas of life that will have an impact on our daily lives as well. We see the world more and more positively and with a different eye, we can be more motivated and have more confidence in ourselves, our abilities, that we can achieve anything with our faith in ourselves!

Female energies are unleashed and this also gives us the strength to no longer liken ourselves to false female idols and not allow ourselves to be guided and manipulated by the media.

#4 An unforgettable experience

To never forget the day we return to ourselves, we can always look back at the wonderful pictures of us in digital but also printed form, and we can even bravely be proud of our loved ones years later!

Note: Print your favorite photo on a huge canvas or make a photo album, give a photo to someone you love, so no matter how many times you see yourself, you will get strong on hard days! A sexy lingerie, a favorite piece of clothing, anything we feel good about and the goddess within us is already appearing!

#5 Facing Fears

If you've never had a similar experience before, it's time to face the inhibitions, the fears, the compulsion to comply: am I good enough, pretty enough, slim enough, sexy enough, feminine enough ... etc.

Whatever we feel, overcoming them can be filled with the utmost satisfaction, so before taking a photo, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

  • It's worth choosing a dress set that makes us feel confident, with positive memories attached to it that feels good to wear. Dare to experiment: with bolder or more unusual, less ordinary pieces that we would only pick up on occasions, it helps us step out of your comfort zone.
  • Getting to know the photographer and develop an intimate friendship before taking a photo can help us be more liberated and less stressed.
  • Relaxing before photography is the best thing we can do if you get excited. Let's try to put ourselves to rest and focus on our true selves as every single emotion is reflected in the images.

Let's not forget that this is only about us! Let the hidden goddess come out of us!

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