Congratulations on finding the perfect wedding venue! This is the 2-in-1 wedding venue where you can hold the ceremony and the wedding reception at the same time! Everything is in one place to organize the perfect wedding!

For those new to or hearing about this unique venue for the first time, The Cupule is located in a national park of Ayia Napa. In a private area where you can perfectly hide from all prying eyes to celebrate in an intimate setting with only your guests and loved ones with a panoramic and breathtaking seaview. This hidden location is the best decision if you want to say the happy yes in Ayia Napa, because it is precisely your requests that make this venue unique: you dream it, The Cupule make it happen!

Here are some reasons why having wedding at The Cupule is a good decision and why you will definitely impress your guests as well!

#1 Colorful ceremony venue selection

Did you know that you can choose from several wedding ceremonies at The Cupule?

If you are going for a classic ceremony, my favorite part is the aisle which is flanked by 2 ponds. Whatever decoration you ask for, the venue will look stunning and beautiful on the wedding photos and videos, even by drone!

Whether it's a grass ceremony with a beautiful sea backdrop or a floating ceremony for those who like the extraordinary and the ceremony literally takes place in the pool, you have a wide variety of different types of ceremonies available, only limited by your imagination!

Even if you decide next to a beach ceremony with The Cupule by the Sea, you can have the wedding reception after at The Cupule as well!

#2 Marvelous Floral arches

There is no ceremony without floral arch backdrop, it gives a highlight and frame to the ceremony and depth the love you feel for each other and also very importart element of the wedding reception.

They are all so beautiful, it's hard to choose between so many wonderful settings and styles, so let the pictures do the talking!

#3 Imposing Floral set up

Flowers are the most important element of a wedding. These give the wedding its uniqueness and reflect the style of the couple and the atmosphere of the wedding.

Thanks God you have plenty of options by choosing the perfect banquet decoration for the guest- head- and focal tables and the stunning flower combinations for the arch and wedding bouquet, which will be exclusive and unique just for your taste! Moreover you can enhance the floral idea with a beautiful flower swing as well! The set up you imagined can be only glamurous with The Cupule's floral decorations!

#4 Stunning Illumination

Wedding lights really set the mood and add depth to the wedding event, especially if you are preparing for an evening party. Lights and perfect lighting are essential for the dinner, toast, first dance, and the wedding reception itself. They simply look good and luxurious, especially if the reception takes place at this location!

Be it marquee illuminations with fairy light or crystal curtains, fairy lighting throughout the marquee ceiling, a dramatic rectangular illumination design or a light design with sea view front lawn, they will give the feeling of an exclusive and glamurous event under the starlights! And moreover there are other lighting options as well such a Love sign, fireworks, luminous butterflies or a magical Tree of Life what nowhere else you can find!

#5 Charming Table Decorations

The small details give the uniqueness of your wedding day and make it special. They reflect the personality and style of the couple and theme of the wedding be it cutlery, signs or other unique touches. 

#5+1 Tempting Food & Cake

Because cake is not only dessert, it's a decor element as well! Cocktails, buffet, canapes and platters, live cooking and banquet dinner, desserts, snacks and open bar are ready for the wedding reception and the list goes on! You will get professional service and quality food everything freshly prepared and so appetizing!

All in all I'm taking photos at lot of wedding venues but this one is far the best in every meaning! I love taking photos here because I feel the professionalism in the staff!

Visit their webpage for more informations I hope the photos inspired you enough to organize your Dream Wedding with The Cupule!

Feel free to get in touch, can't wait to capture your Big Day here!

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