It's getting more trending to shoot creativ and unique images, be it the location, the poses, the accessories, but now I'm going to give you a few ideas on how to make a special and unique series of photos using the natural elements around us, without any other tools.

#1 Sunset

One of the coolest, most romantic, yet most beautiful images we admit is taken at sunset. Most couples choose this subject as a venue for photography, but even for engagements and weddings, there's no need to explain the reasons, it's simply beautiful. The power of the dormant sun speaks for itself. Who wouldn't want to capture the most intimate, most sentimental moments right in the middle of the sunset, with amazing panoramas, colors, compositions?

It is advisable to capture the last rays of the sunset and the period that follows, as the more we wait for the process, the better the reddish-orange color effect of the images, the subject of photography will not be underexposed and the scene will come to life.

Note: A high level of technical and visual skill is required, as you need to be quick to get the best moments on your lens. You may want to use a flash to compensate for the light.

#2 Silhouette

While we wait for the sunset, it's the perfect time to take photos in direct light and take advantage of the pre-sunset period, the Gold Hour, to get an amazingly interesting shilouette effect.

How exciting it is to look back only at the figures, the forms, the indestructible unity, the playfulness, that the central element of the picture is not entirely the protagonist, but also the background story itself.

Note: Work with a low ISO value, preferably without the use of a flash. Place the subject directly on the bright sky so that the subject of the photograph is underexposed. Invent interesting and exciting compositions to bring the scene to life.

#3 Water medium

Be it the beach, the beach view, the lake, the river, the pool, any water medium, the water in the background always produces wonderful images. The turquoise color gives the images a freshness that beautifies those around it as well. Simply exciting, magical, imaginative, impossible to ignore.

Note: You may want to play with the waves, the water drift at a slower shutter speed to get a blurry end result, but you can even freeze the scene or create a mirror effect.

#4 Flora

If we have no idea what to do, look for plants in the area! The color green, like the blue water of the sea, paints the background, we don't even have to really pose. Capturing nature in the shots gives us a bomb-proof idea and powerful, expressive images. Whether it's a palm tree leaf, a wooded part, a wonderful flower garden, or just a flower stalk in your hair, the plant beautifies everything.

Note: It is a good idea to take close-up photos of the leaves and flowers of the plant to get a bokeh effect and pay attention to the colors to get a harmonious overall effect. But we can even focus on the flora, blurrying the subject of photography, creating a new perspective. Let's also try the wide-angle lens to better bring to life the nature surrounding the subject being photographed.

Interacting with nature is a wonderful thing, but make sure your photography doesn't go to the detriment of nature.

#5 Night lights

If we're not close to nature but want to shoot some pictures in the heart of the city, it's worth taking advantage of the post-sunset period. The Blue Hour is the best time to do this. When the sun has gone down but the sky is not yet dark, we combine this with different neon lights, be it a nightclub, a restaurant venue or any lighted building.

Note: Look for an artificial light source so that the subject will always be well lit and even without the use of flash, you will be able to take wonderful pictures and even create different bokeh effects with the lights. Pay attention to the consistency of the triple unit: low aperture value, slow shutter speed - especially for slow motion movement to, high ISO.

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