Everyone wants to get the best shape for the big day so that every moment in the pictures looks perfect, which is understandable as the brilliance is reflected in the pictures.
Now for that, I'll give a few tips for brides on what they can do to make things easier for the wedding photographer so that the big day is captured perfectly.

#1 Keep things in order

The devil lies in the details. Especially during the preparation before the ceremony, it is possible that various waste, leftover food and beverages, non-discarded objects are left out of sight on the table, chair, floor and other parts of the room, which let's admit do not look good in the wedding picture. A cola box on the make-up table can be cut out of the picture, but it saves the poor photographer time by tinkering with this kind of editing. On the one hand, it is better for us to have everything in place and done in an orderly environment, and on the other hand, we can control the time and quality of photography, making things easier for the photographer. After all, it's much easier for the photographer too if he doesn't have to put aside things that don't fit in the picture while leaving less time to take wonderful pictures, but can focus on the gist, the bride and the helpers around her!

#2 Phones unplugged!

Not only because of the pictures taken by the wedding photographer, but we ask our guests in advance not to take photos with their phone or any other device, at least during the ceremony. Why?

On the one hand we go back to giving the photographer extra work to cut out the phones from all the photos, ergo is very confusing and not at all aesthetic looking at he guest with phone on the hand, on the other hand everyone knows that the wedding is very it's an expensive thing and if we willing to pay a lot of money to the wedding photographer to take professional pictures, it's not a respectable behavior on the part of the guest to take photos during the ceremony.

#3 Formal guest list

What do I mean by that? We can save a lot of time on the big day by sending the photographer a detailed wish list weeks before the wedding about guests who are required to take group photos. This means listing a minimum of 10 different variations of who are the family members who need to be in a picture anyway. Once the photographer has this list, all he has to do is call people to take a photo based on their names, so everyone knows what their job is, they don't have time for other requests, people get together quickly for group photography and the formal group photos are done.

#4 Dirty dress

An all-day wedding can be tedious and many unexpected events need to be included in the day, such as the fact that the wedding dress will not be the same by the end of the day as before the wedding. Expect even when photographing - depending on what other locations the photographer takes photos in pairs or groups - the dress gets dirty. Especially if we want to look back on something quite unique or extreme in the pictures, we have to make a sacrifice for the wonderful picture, but in the end it's worth it.

Let's be prepared for this, but let's not despair and especially let it not affect our mood, because it still looks just as wonderful! The photographer might even benefit from a higher contrast effect on the images, not to mention that he can easily retouch the flaws.

#5 Enjoy!

At the end of the tips, nothing really matters more than enjoying the big day, because normally it is only once in a lifetime, we can spend this wonderful event with the love of our lives! This is our day and we spend it the way we want, ours is the lead! And this brilliance and happiness is reflected in the pictures as well, let's not forget that, so it's up to us to get the end result! So don't worry about unexpected events, this is the beauty of a wedding, sometimes you have to improvise, nothing is perfect. However, wedding photos can be when we work with the photographer and follow these tips to help with their work!

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