Who wouldn't want everything to be perfect on the big day, right?

Organizing a wedding is a long process, from writing the guest list to dreaming the cake to handing over the 'thank you gift', all these will make the wedding unique, personalized and will perfectly reflect the bride&groom.

Once we have that, it is natural that we want to capture all this miracle, so that later acquaintances and relatives can remember with pleasure years later what an experience they had!

Well, you need a professional photographer for that!

One of the most important, if not the most important things in organizing a wedding is to choose the right photographer who can enchant with the camera and take glamorous, dazzling pictures of the Big Day!

Here are 5 tips to help you choosing the photographer that best fits your wedding photographer's ideas:

#1 Portfolio

When you start searching among photographers, the Google search engine will throw up an endless amount of opportunities, so it's no wonder you're starting to break your head about which result you click on.

First, it's important to think about whether you want to work with a local photographer who knows the area the best, so as soon as you type the #wedding photographer along with the city name, the list will narrow down.

Most people usually choose from the first few results, as the most popular ergo is the best, but this is not necessarily true, as the ad is often listed next to the photographer's name. It's certainly a good business ploy to increase popularity and reach target audience, but it's not always profitable if you don't have the right content behind it.

And now comes the point that the first tip is about, the importance of images. The next thing to face, whether you narrowed your Google search or not, is a few pictures of the photographer's work - anyone who doesn't show up right away with photos is less likely to get more clicks - it also helps with a first impression.

Let's say you've selected a photographer based on all this and you're looking at the Gallery on the website, so it's worth paying attention to these:

  • You probably liked what you saw, otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on the content - That's a good sign!
  • The photo you saw made you curious and encouraged you to check out more content - One more extra point!
  • If you like the style, if you like colors, compositions, editing, retouching
  • If photos evoke emotion in you!
  • If the photos tell a story, come to life
  • If you like the sunset photos - I have to highlight, because it is essential to shoot good sunset or silhouette photos for wedding photography
  • If you like individual, couple, group photo settings
  • If you like the way the photos are displayed on the website, if there is consistency between the pictures
  • If you can imagine yourself in the place of portrait subjects

If at least half of these aspects are true, then it's a good start to be able to decide, let's look at the next point.

#2 Personality

Who are you actually going to work with? Will there be consistency?

It is very difficult to select a photographer based on this aspect at the beginning, as you can only get an idea of ​​what a character really is based on the correspondence.

It is worth talking about the ideas at the beginning of the acquaintance, either by phone or video chat, and even if possible, a free consultation or face-to-face meeting will make it much easier to work together later.

Why is this good?

If the photographer is willing to offer one of these opportunities, it shows already a positive and open personality that is willing to please the couple and try their best to make everything go smoothly on the big day and no one feels tense.

These signs are worth noting:

  • Is the communication good?
  • Is there harmony, is there chemistry between the photographer and the couple?
  • Is the mood good?
  • How is the photographer's attitude, kind, open, joyful, communicative, determined, attentive, attention to detail, patient?
  • How determined are the photographer's ideas about the course of photography and how willing is he to change them for the sake of the couple? - or vice versa

If you are satisfying in most ways, you are most likely to have a lot of harmony on your wedding day with the photographer who will get the best out of you!

#3 Reputation

What kind of photographer you choose is also greatly influenced by the rating the photographer receives. The comments and evaluations mean a lot to the photographer, these are the feedbacks that prove the authenticity of his work, how authentic and how professional.

This includes not only his personality, but the realization of the previous tip #2 in a real wedding situation: was the photographer the same person at the time of the first meeting and during the wedding? Did we get what we expected, what we paid for, both in terms of services, collaboration and the end result?

The commentators are cruelly honest, so their opinion is a good starting point. If you read a comment in which words are praised to the photographer for both the pictures and the person, you really can't ignore it. Of course, there are sometimes minor major misunderstandings, usually regarding the post-production, but positive comments always affect the person to be fully committed and greatly influence the decision as well. Do not forget also to make some research in several Facebook wedding groups or even to ask your friends or relatives who already had experience with the photographer you want to choose.

Note: Not everything is about popularity. Just because a photographer is less popular on Facebook groups doesn't mean he's untalented, maybe he has less experience, but there may be many other factors involved, so it's worth considering him, you may come across a hidden treasure and this collaboration will be profitable for both - the photographer will have one more experience, thanks to you will become more and more famous, and you will get wonderful pictures. ;)

#4 Prices

The filthy finances. Everyone knows that a wedding is a very lucrative business. In fact, photographers really have bravery to ask for a lot of money. However, no one else knows better than them how much work there is in a wedding photography.

The multi-hour standby, the perfect capture of the moments, the watchful eye to not miss the moment, the capture of emotions, the various obligatory and creative individual settings with the wedding participants, the couple, the technical readiness in case of an unexpected event, the impact of pressure and stress on performance and its control, post-production and image editing and retouching for days, even weeks, sorting, perfection, photo album editing, printing, slideshows and more. Not to mention that the photographer is sometimes like a good psychologist and can analyze every relationship through the camera.

In a word, a high amount may be legitimate, but this is chosen by a photographer.

And based on the price alone, it is not worth choosing, as we may not get good quality cheaply. It is advisable to choose the gold middle way, or if we can do it not primarily on the basis of money.

To be sure, if you're not happy with the photographer's quote, feel free to tell him how much you can spend on photography, how big the budget is, so you can get a better quote that everyone can do well with!

#5  Experience

Obviously, we have more confidence in a photographer, we are more engaged who has the skills, expertise, and enough experience, so we can be pretty sure he won't take invaluable photos.

Well, even the best make mistakes sometimes, we have to accept that, what may be a wonderful wedding picture for us, for the photographer's eyes this is a disaster and vice versa. It's not possible to suit everyone's tastes, but all you can see is whether the photo reflects that moment, the emotions, or not. For the bride&groom, the most important thing is to see through their pictures the fulfillment of their love on the big day.

Note: Even a photographer less versed in wedding photography can have the sense and talent to capture the moment in an amazingly creative way. Because sometimes it's not all about experience when you lack passion and commitment.

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