As wedding trends change, so does the fashion of wedding dresses. From traditional wear to more extreme pieces, today only the imagination can set the limit. Now I'm introducing 5 wedding dress wear that are trending among brides this year.

#1 Cocktail dress

Unlike traditional heavy-duty clothes that reach the ground, this year - and even in previous years - the lighter and more comfortable line prevails. The ever-shorter wedding mini-dresses emphasize the legs, the shoes and lend a real airy, summery, swinging outfit as if we were just going to a party. In addition, in the heat of summer it is even practical. That's all, just not traditional, is it?

#2 Long sleeve, free cleavage

This type of dress poem, combined with lace, truly restores the spirit of the Victorian era, in which contemporary traditional and modern are mixed. It lends a restrained effect to its wearer not to mention how elegant and feminine it is. And the long sleeve only enhances the low-key wear.

#3 High neck dress

This elegant type is also a more restrained wedding dress, as opposed to deep-cut, neckline-emphasizing pieces. As surprising as it may be, it still highlights the neckline, as it attracts the eye thanks to the material and lace. It's like wearing a piece of jewelry around our necks, royal elegance, upscale style.

#4 Silhouette dress

The silhouette dress is nothing more than embellishment, lace, ruffle, tulle, much more simple, restrained, clean, minimal style wedding dress dating back to the 19th century. Its spread is based on the mermaid style, but is much more straight-line and follows the line of the body less. This type of dress with a seductive, mysterious effect attracts attention as a magnet. There is greatness in its simplicity, yet restrained yet striking and eye-catching.

#5 Pants costume dress

Last but not least, I close the post with the most extreme version. Free spirituality, emancipation, appears simultaneously in this type of wedding dress, which testifies to a truly free, rebellious personality. It gives an extraordinary and extreme effect to the bride, but at the same time it is very fashionable and bold to wear, as if we were getting ready for the catwalk.

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