Wedding trends change more and more over the years, from the traditional to the elopement wedding, nowadays everything is possible in the field of weddings, although there are proven ideas that will stand the test of time and not go out of style.
Now I'm going to show you 5 trends that have come to the fore this year, be it wedding dresses, ornaments, wedding venue, let's see what are the trends that most brides are planning their wedding this year.

#1 Beach Weddings

Not surprisingly, getting married on the beach near water is becoming more and more trendy, not to mention how uplifting the wedding venue is with its dazzling turquoise water and what an atmosphere it lends to the venue. The feeling of calm and freedom further emphasizes the atmosphere of the environment and fills it with happiness. Perfect for romantic, bohemian, intimate weddings. And since a beach wedding is now very affordable, more and more people are choosing foreign weddings in exotic locations, surrounded by a sandy beach and palm trees.

#2 Extreme wedding dress fashion

The usual and traditional is no longer the most popular choice. Brides like to express their individuality through dresses. The more unique it is, the more it reflects the personality, the style of the wedding. You can read more about what the trendy dress pieces are this year in this blog post.

#3 Acrylic decoration

Or also known as plexiglass greeting board, which is becoming more popular as it is modern, sleek, imposing and looks very good for any style of wedding. Plus, different calligraphy can be applied to it to suit our taste, so we can make the wedding even more personal. We can achieve a great wow effect with it as soon as guests see it at the entrance to the wedding venue, even on a cake!

#4 Light curtain

One of the most spectacular and impressive elements of a wedding is the light, giving the venue an amazing atmosphere. They are usually placed behind the main table of the couple, thus highlighting the party, but as an outdoor decoration, whether surrounded by vegetation, trees, or on a table,on a chair reflects the atmosphere very well. Not to mention how good the boukeh effect looks in wedding photos.

Note: Other light sources such as fireworks or light-decorated items are also very popular.

#5 Floral wedding arch

The main element of the outdoor wedding venues is the floral arch, which puts the bride and groom in the foreground during the ceremony. Saying a blissful yes under an arch decorated with romantic flowers gives a special experience. It also defines the style of the environment and other decorations as a central element, and there are even many variations, be it wood or metal combinations.

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