Ayia Napa, in addition to being a center for unbridled partying and a rock & roll lifestyle, if we go a little further away from the noise of the city towards the sea, we will see its versatility and it will soon become clear why it is called the island of Aphrodité.

Where could a romantic, sunset, beach photography be more perfect if not on the island of love?

If you have long cherished your dream of capturing your loves with your partner in an amazing environment, be it a couple, engaged, maternity photography, if you want to have memorable moments with friends, acquaintances, family members, then this walk is for you! We walk along the high-altitude promenade paved with tropical plants all the way to the Bridge of Love, where I can then capture you in more different ways, and in the end you can even close the photo with a huge splash. But before that, don't forget to wish, they are said to be fulfilled! ;)

What places do we visit?

> Glyki Nero Beach

You're still in shock, whatever place you came to vacation, but the next adventure is already coming! The road to happiness starts here! One of the most amazing parts of town is sure to be on this seafront promenade. As we move towards the main location of the photographer's walk, the road takes us higher and higher, and the sight speaks for itself! The view of the sea, the turquoise water, the rocky-sandy promenade surrounded by more beautiful plants are in amazing harmony, from where the beaches and hotels can be seen and offer a special photographic perspective.

> Love Bridge

After walking through this astonishing part and the eyes are accustomed to the sight, we arrive at the Bridge of Love, which, thanks to its romance and intimacy, gives the images an imposing atmosphere, but if we take a look at the lagoon, it also shows its wild side: turquoise water hits the rocks and the coral reef, capturing us even more with the mystique and indecipherability of the place.

Prices and discounts:

The full photographer package is now only 89 / person, which includes 1.5 hours of availability and photography, image editing-retouching, 30 image transmissions within 24 hours + 2 pcs 10x15 printed photo as GIFT!

15% for 2 people Pair discount: 76 € / person

25% discount for 3 people: 67 € / person

A small group of max. Up to 4 people, in this case 35% discount: 58 € / person

Participation is free for children aged 0-3!