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Celebrating Love: Romantic wedding ceremony photography and videography at Cape Greko

Updated: Mar 6

drone wedding photography

As the much-anticipated day approached, we found ourselves immersed in a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation. The moments leading up to our wedding ceremony were filled with joy, nerves, and the magic of preparation at the Atlantica Sancta Napa Hotel in Ayia Napa. Join us on this journey behind the scenes as we share the intricate details of this wedding day which is also filmed by us (CLICK HERE to watch the video).

The family split into two during the preparations, the girls came to the venue in a separate car, while the boys were already on the spot waiting excitedly to catch a glimpse of the bride.

The chosen venue at Cape Greko in Ayia Napa served as the canvas for the couple's love story. From selecting the perfect flowers to deciding on the ideal color palette, every decision was a brushstroke in the masterpiece of this special day. The atmosphere in the air was a blend of nervous energy and unbridled enthusiasm.

Among the many cherished traditions, the 'First Look' stands out as a captivating prelude to the ceremony, offering a private and intimate glimpse into the love that binds two hearts. Dive into the emotional journey as the bride takes those monumental steps down the aisle.

In the symphony of love, wedding vows stand as the most intimate notes—a melody composed from the depths of the heart. As we delve into this chapter, we explore the art of crafting and exchanging vows, the poetic expressions of promises that echo through time in the wedding ceremony photography. The air was filled with the sweet melodies of cherished rituals, symbolizing the union of families, the passing of time, and the forging of a new beginning. The wedding ceremony was a tapestry woven with threads of love, tradition, and the promise of a future entwined.

The magic of candid moments unfolded organically. Whether caught in an unplanned giggle or stealing a quiet moment amidst the chaos, these unscripted snapshots became the jewels in the crown of our photoshoot combined with drone photos. The church, with its towering spires and intricate details, became more than a venue; it became a visual testament to the sanctity of the couple's union.

Our photographic journey commences with the awe-inspiring backdrop of nature—a magnificent Juniper tree, the most popular tree of Ayia Napa that stood tall and proud, its branches reaching out like arms to cradle the love shared between the couple. The prelude to the Golden Hour set the stage for a visual symphony—a gradual shift from the brilliance of daylight to the soft, warm hues that would paint the love story in the most enchanting light.

In the heart of nature's vibrant palette, where blossoms intertwine and fragrant blooms weave tales of love, the wedding story continued beneath the embrace of a mesmerizing flower garden and an enchanting floral arch. The garden embraced us in a kaleidoscope of colors, setting the stage for an enchanting visual narrative. Our wedding photography beneath this floral arch unfolded like a poetic journey, with each photograph capturing the essence of the love framed by the delicate petals and lush greenery.

In the lap of luxury and the embrace of opulence, the love story came to an end against the backdrop of the grand Atlantica Sancta Napa hotel—a setting where sophistication met romance. The hotel's luxurious ambiance became the canvas for our wedding photography. Each photograph radiated with the refined taste and sophistication that the hotel setting brought to this celebration. Laughter echoed through elegant corridors, stolen glances were exchanged in lavishly decorated lounges, and the vibrant energy of the celebration was beautifully juxtaposed against the hotel's timeless décor.

Watch the video of this beautiful wedding day as well:


Ayii Anargyroi - Blue Lagoon Venue
Cape Greco

Aoratos – Juniper Tree

Chapel of St. Elias, Ayia Napa


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