With its vast area and reality to discover, Ayia Napa Statue and Cactus Park could even be an all-day program, so why not throw it up with a professional photo shoot? If you are somewhere, you can take a small photo tour here! In addition to the panoramic view of the sea, the wonderful works of architecture and fine art almost require you to capture them. From here you can easily discover the whole city, but also the venue for romantic gatherings. Where else could you drop a romantic date, a double-ticket photo shoot if you weren't here? But whether you're with family, friends, or you alone for him on this adventure, it's sure everyone here will find the statue or monument to him or her that will capture your stay in perfect symbiosis in a series of photos. Discover it!

What places do we visit?

> Szobor Park

Countless sculptures, monuments, works of architecture and fine arts are waiting to be discovered, the only question is, how long will you go? The possibilities are almost endless, so where we start, where we start the walk, is primarily up to you!

> Kaktusz Park

You don't even have to go far to have a beautiful flora of cactus, after the sculptures, serve as another venue for photography. Cactus species that are more endless than the endless provide an amazing backdrop and, last but not least, are worth admiring. You are sure to catch your breath easily in this environment!

Prices and discounts:

The full photographer package is now only 75 € / person, which includes 1.5 hours of availability and photography, image editing-retouching, 20 image transmissions within 24 hours + 2 pcs 10x15 printed photo as GIFT!

15% discount for 2 people: 64 € / person

25% discount for 3 people: 56 € / person

A small group of max. Up to 4 people, in this case 35% discount: 49 € / person

Participation is free for children aged 0-3!