Have you always dreamed of having pictures of you in a telenovella accompanied by a professional photographer?

Then I have some good news, all of this can happen now!

Ayia Napa is one of the best places in Cyprus to take extravagant, sexy, lustful, clownish, youthful photo series! And where would it be best to get this on the lens rather than on a fairytale-fitting beach? Turquoise water, unusual compositions, idyllic and at the same time wildly romantic environment guarantee perfect harmony at any time of the day. Whether you represent the more romantic or the more whimsical-playful line, the end result will be striking anyway! Take a photo walk alone or with loved ones and be the protagonist of a fairytale-like adventure!

What places do we visit?

> Katsarka Beach

Passing through the bustling city on an amazing palm-lined path and touching a charming chapel, we are already on the seafront promenade, one of the special features of which is that while one half offers sports, the other half is surrounded by more or less enchanting beaches. The rocky-plant-sand mix is an unusual place to take unique pictures!

> Mantis Loutkos mólója

We then arrive at the pier, from where the crashing of the waves gives the images a true cinematic style and from where we can dive into the endless mysterious distance.

> Loukkos Tou Mandi Beach

This section is also special because it is best to capture beach scene images from here, be it a gypsy wheel in the sand or a more passionate pose with a water effect, the shallow water and the reef give you the opportunity to take a truly personalized series of photos.

> Ayia Napa Promenade

After visiting more beautiful beaches, we get to the most beautiful part of the seafront promenade. Here you can experience everyone's mischievous self, as the benches right next to the shore and even a playground are great places for this purpose! You can be a kid again on this walk!

> Ayia Napa Marina

The last stop of our photographic walk is the marina where the promenade ends and where the lighthouse crowns the end of the adventurous voyage. From here you can see most of the white-shining hotels, which lend a true Greek style to the photos with the turquoise sea in the background. This is the point for i!

Prices and discounts:

The full photographer package is now only 75 € / person, which includes 1.5 hours of availability and photography, image editing-retouching, 20 image transmissions within 24 hours + 2 pcs 10x15 printed photo as GIFT!

15% discount for 2 people: 64 € / person

25% discount for 3 people: 56 € / person

A small group of max. Up to 4 people, in this case 35% discount: 49 € / person

Participation is free for children aged 0-3!