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A Day of Love Under the Mediterranean Sun - Full day wedding photography at Vasilias Nikoklis Inn, Cyprus

bride preparation

As the sun began to cast its golden glow over the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, the small coastal town of Paphos in Cyprus prepared for a day of love and celebration. The couple deeply in love, chose Vasilias Nikoklis Inn - this picturesque destination - for their dream wedding. Delicate lace on the bride's gown, the glimmer of jewels, and the carefully arranged bouquets were documented with precision. Each photograph was a testament to the meticulous planning that went into making this day extraordinary. Amidst the whirlwind of hair and makeup, the brother of the bride shared laughter and heartfelt moments with her. The bride, now adorned in her wedding attire, shared an emotional first look with her family.

As the bride and her entourage reveled in the excitement, we transitioned to the groom's quarters. The groomsmen, perhaps a bit more reserved but equally filled with anticipation, donned their suits and engaged in playful banter. We captured the groom's moments of reflection and the camaraderie that unfolded before the big reveal. The wedding day preparation photoshoot was more than just a documentation of appearances. Each click of the shutter immortalized the groom's journey from bachelorhood to the beginning of a new chapter. It was a visual narrative that unfolded in layers – capturing details, candid moments, and the raw emotions that defined the journey from dawn to the ceremony.

The gentle hum of excited chatter filled the air as guests arrived, eagerly awaiting the union of two souls. The ceremony, held in a quaint garden adorned with flowers and greenery, became a canvas for Sarah's artistry. Candid shots of teary-eyed parents, joyous guests, and the couple's first kiss were captured, freezing those fleeting moments in time. The couple's eyes met for the first time that day, away from the prying eyes of the crowd. The genuine smiles, the shared laughter, and the quiet whispers of love unfolded before her lens, creating a timeless portrait of their connection.

The bride, groom, and their guests explored the ancient ruins and shared moments of love and laughter against the backdrop of centuries-old history. The focus then shifted to family group photos, where generations came together to celebrate love. Grandparents, parents, siblings, and cousins stood side by side, their smiles telling stories of shared history and unwavering support. We skillfully balanced the formality of these shots with candid moments, preserving the genuine connections between family members.

The couple shared a loving glance before picking up the knife together, ready to cut their first slice as a married couple. The venue erupted in cheers as they made the first cut, savoring the symbolic act that marked the beginning of their sweet journey together. The couple then fed each other bites of cake, a playful and endearing tradition that showcased their shared joy. The cake-cutting photos, a visual testament to the joy and unity celebrated on this special day, would forever be cherished as a sweet reminder of the beginning of their married adventure.

Following the ceremony, the couple ventured into the serene landscape for their couple portraits. We skillfully guided them through the open fields, encouraging them to dance, embrace, and simply revel in the joy of their union. During wedding photography and drone photos the golden hour added a touch of magic, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

As the sun began its descent, we led the couple to a vantage point with an unobstructed view of the horizon. Against the backdrop of a painted sky, they shared an intimate moment, framed by the warm hues of the setting sun.

Whether it was friends sharing inside jokes or family members caught up in a heartfelt conversation, these reception photos added depth to the narrative of the day, showcasing the genuine connections that make weddings so special.

As the evening progressed, the atmosphere evolved into a vibrant night party. The dance floor became a canvas of movement, illuminated by colorful lights and the pulsating energy of the celebration. The photographer expertly captured the infectious energy that filled the air, freezing in time the joyous revelry of the night. We orchestrated a magical sparkler send-off, with guests forming a glowing circle. The resulting photos captured the couple's radiant smiles, surrounded by the warm, golden light of the sparklers—a fitting end to a night that sparkled with love. As the final notes of the night faded away, the couple's wedding reception had become a treasure trove of memories.



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